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Our January Start the New Year, Write sale is here!

Get the new year off to a productive start by getting your manuscript into our eager and capable hands. For a flat rate of $60 (up to 100,000 words) we’ll read your manuscript and deliver on-time feedback about plot, pacing, characters, plausibility, suitability for genre and all of those other details that keen readers pay attention to.

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  1. Hello Cat,
    I have a sort of sci fi novel that comes in at 76,700 words. Its a bit odd, a bit of Vonnegut, a bit of Douglas Adams, hopefully some humor and a decent story. No heavy sex, small amounts of violence, a few four letter words but overall pretty clean. Bit of a country twang to it.
    If this is interesting at all please let me know, would like to have your opinion.
    Thanks for your time,

    1. Author

      Kenton, your novel sounds amazing! I’ll email you shortly and we can take it from there. FYI, I don’t mind reading sex or four letter words. It’s a nice balance to some of the tamer stuff I often read.

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