Beta Reading Services

Below are rates for beta reading based on word count.

All clients will receive a welcome email with a standard NDA and some instructions for sending their manuscript within 24 hours of sending payment.

Reading time takes approximately two weeks from the time that payment is received. Please note that reading times can vary depending on how busy we are.

If you want guaranteed two or three week delivery, please add the rush order fee to your cart. There is a space provided for any specific notes you may have for me during the checkout process or you may email reading notes to

Pricing is in US Dollars. Payment via PayPal only please.

If you’d like a bulk rate for a completed series, or if your manuscript or short story is under 40k or between 100 and 200k, please email me for a quote.

We reserve the right to issue a full refund for materials that we do not feel we are best suited to beta read for religious, moral, political, or any and all other reasons.

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