What Is A Beta Reader?


Why Writers Need Beta Readers

Your manuscript is finally ready. You’ve sweated and toiled and agonized over your short story, your novel, your creative non-fiction masterpiece, and now you need another set of eyes. A few of your friends and family have stepped up to read your work, but they’re taking forever to get it back to you, and when they finally get it in your hands, their feedback isn’t very helpful. Your writer’s group has been together for ages, and they’re a big help, but now you’d like a fresh perspective.

Does this sound like you?

Your search for a prompt, reliable beta reader ends here. I’m a lifelong reader and lover of books of all varieties. I’m also a writer, so I understand the importance of impartial feedback, and the value of competitive rates.

A beta reader is the first person to read your manuscript when you’re finally ready to share it with another pair of eyes. When you’ve polished your draft to the best of your ability, a beta reader will read it and offer critical feedback that can help you get your manuscript ready for public consumption

What a Beta Reader Does:

  • Reads your manuscript from start to finish with the eyes of an average reader
  • Offers critical feedback on story, character, plot, pacing, dialogue
  • Checks continuity
  • Checks the tone of the piece for your desired audience/genre
  • Returns your work in a timely manner

What a Beta Reader Does Not Do:

  • Line editing
  • Copy editing
  • Fact-checking
  • In-depth professional editing
  • Hang on to your work for an extended period of time, holding up your process
  • In-depth manuscript critique or professional editing

Why We Are Your Perfect Beta Readers:

  • We’ll be up front about how long we will take to read and comment on your piece, and will stick to the deadline we set
  • You can highlight anything in particular you’d like us to consider while we are reading for you
  • We’ll sign a standard contract so you know you can trust us with your creative materials and that your guaranteed delivery date will be met
  • Our rates are highly competitive
  • We’ll read your short story, novel, non-fiction book, essay, memoir, play or screenplay regardless of the genre you are writing. If you truly want to develop your skills and put readers in awe, you may want to look into details like what are mechanics in writing.
  • When your work gets published, we will happily read the final product and offer a genuine review