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Expectations exceeded

Luke's detailed beta read comments and insightful general feedback were both very gratefully received, and far exceeded what I was expecting from this service. Great to have another, and well-informed, perspective. Will take onboard various elements of Luke's report and update my manuscript accordingly, before returning with my fourth draft!
- Josh Bryan

Outstanding Job

I'd like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the outstanding job Luke did on my novel. His dedication, attention to detail, and expert eye have truly transformed my manuscript into a polished work of art. I particularly appreciate how he respected my authorial voice and intent, ensuring that his edits aligned with my vision for the novel. His ability to strike the perfect balance between maintaining my voice and refining the prose is commendable. It's not an easy feat, and he managed it flawlessly! I cannot overstate how much I appreciate his contributions and I look forward to working with him again. I would gladly recommend his services to any writers who seek an exceptional copyeditor!
- Austin

A King's Radiance

Luke Marty is fantastic! When publishing this book I used a couple of other beta readers (from different sites) and basically ended up shelving their feedback in favour of Luke's. While others will give me general feedback including compliments and maybe small issues that could use correcting, Luke was able to give me insight into every character and every plot hole and I found about 90% of his comments were spot on and was what I needed to hear. I ended up using him as my copy editor as well, which was awesome as he was already familiar with my manuscript and character voices. 100% recommend if you are thinking about paying a little extra $$ for some good feedback
- luke schulz

Release Date May 2023!

In the last month since I began submitting my manuscript, In the Hands of Women, I have received three publisher direct book offers from small press traditional companies. Although my work was fairly well revised when I sent it to Christina, her input and suggestions were all incorporated into the final work, further strengthening the plot and making the story sing. Thanks again for the honest, constructive suggestions.
- Jane L. Rubin

Fantastic feedback!

This was my first time using a beta reader service, and I wasn't sure what to expect. Luke's feedback on my manuscript blew me away! His notes were thoughtful, thorough, unbelievably helpful, and will take my story to the next level. I will absolutely be sending future books to him!
- Linda Poitevin

Crossing the Line

The manuscript was reviewed by Zubia and we were very impressed by the exceptionally helpful and detailed comments that she came back with. Her enthusiasm for the text came through in her assessment too. The service provided by Cat and Zubia was incredibly professional and in terms of value for money, could not be faulted. I would recommend without hesitation.
- Lorraine Hughes

Actionable Feedback

Luke Marty's insightful and thorough beta read gave me a direction I couldn't have found on my own. At my close proximity to the manuscript, just a nose away, I was unable to see the deep issues it had--plot holes, character development, worldbuilding, fuzzy genre, head hopping--and further, how to fix those issues. I now have a clear view on both. I recommend Your Beta Reader to any writer who needs a quick, complete analysis, and that's any writer.
- Joan d'Arc

The best beta reader service

I've used 3 different beta reader services and YBR was by far the best. The chapter by chapter notes were invaluable. Luke went above and beyond with his follow-ups and attention to detail. I could tell he really thought about my characters and story.
- Andrew M

Insightful and positive feedback

I had a great experience working with Cat a few years ago on my second novel, UNLIGHT. So when I finished a draft of my current novel, THIRST FOR POWER, I was eager to work with her again. This time she assigned her colleague Luke to work on my draft, and he did a wonderful job. Not only did he highlight the strong and weak points in detail, he did so with humor, warmth, and a genuine love of literature. I strongly recommend both Cat and Luke for your beta reader needs.
- Chandra Shekhar

Fantastic beta reader

Cat's notes were insightful and much more detailed than I expected from a beta read - her report detailed characters, chapters and general notes on my manuscript which made her feedback clear and concise. I would definitely recommend Cat and will come back for book two. Thank you!
- Vicky Price


My review over Skype with Cat far exceeded my expectations. I was really nervous before our chat as I knew we would have to break down each chapter and get tough with decisions over characters and story arc. However, talking to Cat over Skype was so inspiring that I came off the call feeling both excited and energised. It was a bit like a jam session between artists where we debated the merits of plot lines, pace and even changed the relationship of one character with the protagonist! I am now working on the revisions we discussed and it is already bringing more strength and a better pace to the story. Thank you Cat!
- Naomi E. Lloyd

A solid investment for aspiring writers

I used Cat to read over my lengthy epic fantasy manuscript and she did an amazing job on it. I got some very insightful commentary and she has a sharp eye for inconsistencies, grammatical errors, and plotholes. She was a bit more expensive than most of my other beta readers, but you really get what you pay for and hiring her was one of the best investments I made. I assume I'll use her services for all further projects if possible. Highly recommended.
- Jakob Ævarsson

The beta reader I needed

Cat sent me a file of detailed notes, plus commentary in the manuscript, all of immense worth. She complimented my book on its strengths, and provided helpful notes on areas that needed work, some that I knew about but was in denial of, and others I would never have realized. Outstanding value.
- Conor McCarthy

Outstanding Feedback

I sent my manuscript to Cat expecting her to get back to me with a quick overall impression of my novel and perhaps a few error catches. Instead, I got not only a detailed analysis of the story -- plot, characters, structure -- but also dozens of in-text micro-comments on things that didn't work, such as dialogue, cultural references, etc. All in all, it was invaluable feedback for me. Cat is providing a great service to writers, and I wish her all the best in her future work.
- Chandra Shekhar

You Won't Regret It!

If you're reading this, then you're thinking about hiring Catherine. Don't wait another minute--hire her today. You won't regret it. Her insightful coverage played an important role in the development my book, Game Theory, and made it a much better book than the one I sent her. I feel lucky to have found her. So will you.
- William Lange

Packs a Punch

Cat's notes are short yet powerful. Notes on pacing helped me tremendously to find my trouble spots in my MS. Would absolutely include her in future writing projects.
- Nicholas Williams

Worth it

Cat is thorough, thoughtful and fast with her feedback. I'd recommend her service to any writer looking to improve their manuscript.
- M. Ibrahim

The Grail, The Guard Series Book One

Cat has great instincts. She was quick and easy to work with, and provided thoughtful feedback and good insights. Her recommendations helped me arrange my work to be more engaging for my audience. She played a major role in getting my MS publish-ready.
- M.B. Saul

Great Job!

I highly recommend Cat Skinner of Your Beta Reader for your beta reading needs. I contracted Cat for my memoir and she did a great job! She was very insightful, thorough, professional, and prompt. Cat has the ability to give necessary suggestions in ways that are caring and friendly. I will definitely be contracting again with Cat on my next book. –Susan Graham, author.
- Susan Graham


Cat provides an excellent service for a great price. Most writers, or at least I do, have a tough time judging our own work when we are editing. Cat's insights will help in that process. I may not have agreed with everything she said, but overall, her insight was very valuable. The most important insight for me being the chapter by chapter notes, letting you know when pacing was off or dialogue was awkward and so forth. Highly useful.
- Michael

Food for Thought

Cat, thank you so much for beta reading the novel. Your critique was tremendous and devastating. I hated reading it and loved implementing it. You helped me to try that much harder.
- T.K. Louis

Red Sky in the Morning

I've worked with a number of beta readers on my various books, and Cat's comments were among the most insightful and helpful I've received. She was both enthusiastic about the things that worked for her and straightforward and specific about the things that didn't. She offered thoughtful suggestions about possible ways to address the problems she found. I really felt like she got involved with my story and cared about making it the best it could be. All her comments were very useful in my revision process, even when I ultimately decided to do something different than what she suggested. I look forward to seeing what she has to say about the rest of the books in the series!
- Elana Brooks

Cheap, prompt, and sharp!

Cat pointed out a bunch of issues without being discouraging, in addition to clarifying and correcting a lot issues I already expected existed. She delivered her critique on time. All in all, a great first beta-reading experience!
- Brendan Hall

Sharp Eye, Integrity

Catherine shows where your story shines and where it needs polish, and tells you so. Her forthright assessment is spot on from a reader's perspective, but she also provides a writer's insight on story structure and flow to give your book the best chance of success. Excellence throughout.
- Daniel Phalen

Beyond Valuable

Wonderful suggestions, very helpful and striking points of agreement with other Beta Readers, I can highly recommend Cat; she has given me value for money far beyond what I have found anywhere else!
- Mark Roser

Honesty, Nothing More Precious

Getting the first beta reader is undeniably nerve wracking. With unequivocal professionalism, it was very easy to be comfortable during the process. Your Beta Reader breaks down your work into specific chunks and thoroughly analyzes it; the good, the bad, what works, and what may not. Everything is honest and honesty is a writer's best friend. The in-depth analysis made going back and editing, before the professional edit, easy and straightforward. I will no doubt use these services again.
- Tanor Costa

Straightforward and Actionable Feeback

Cat Skinner manages the tricky job of delivering tough news with a positive spin. You walk away optimistic about your project and ready to take it to the next level, not devastated and morose, which can happen. I will definitely fold her into my mix of beta readers going forward!
- Linda Stevenson

Reading for 'Layered Lies'

June 13, 2016 By far the best feedback I have received on my book. I was provided not only in-line book comments but a thorough overview/summary of my book as well. And, all for what I considered to be a great rate! I will be using this service again for the rest of the books in my series.
- Kaylie Hunter

Absolutely Integral

Cat is thorough and thoughtful with her notes. Her keen observations and constructive advice are absolutely integral to the writing process. I cannot recommend Your Beta Reader highly enough.
- Helen L

Don't Wait!

I highly recommend Catherine if you're looking for honest comments on ways to improve your work in progress. She's especially adept at identifying relationship problems with your characters and subplots that aren't carrying their weight. My only regret is that I didn't consult her sooner in the process.
- Doug K

Honest and Constructive

Catherine's notes and comments on my novel were just what I needed to take the story to the next level. Her comments were honest, clear, and constructive. I highly recommend the Your Beta Reader service.
- Kaitie B

Twenty Step

First of all. Fast! Second of all, her insight into the flaws in my story were exactly what I needed to take my story to the next level. In short, I wasn't delivering on the promise I made to the reader when they began my story. I couldn't see that because as the writer I am too close to my story. If you're writing you need a reader. I highly recommend Catherine to be that reader for you.
- Francis Sparks

Total Professionalism

Your Beta Reader is a wonderful and thorough service, which allows writers the opportunity to have their work read by a professional and knowledgeable woman. She has a fantastic ability to find the narrative in any type of work and tease it out to make it as engaging and clear as possible. Highly recommend passing any of your writing through this service.
- Jaclyn McCaffrey

The Compass

Honest, insightful, and meticulous feedback given in a timely manner. Your Beta Reader hits it out of the park. She takes your manuscript and gives you the tools to make it shine. Her notes are thorough, and doesn't hesitate in letting you know what works, and what doesn't. A valuable asset to all writers.
- Cindy Charity

Pulls No Punches

Your Beta Reader is extremely thorough, and doesn't shy away from giving the author honest feedback. If she likes something, she'll praise it, but she also plainly states what she doesn't like and what didn't land. This can be very useful for an author trying to find their voice, or for a veteran who wants to experiment.
- Stephen Tassie

Positive and Intelligent Feedback

Catherine provides aspiring writers with thoughtful and nuanced appraisals. She is encouraging and discerning and provides excellent advice on how to bolster the bones of a narrative.
- Sally Basmajian

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