We know how hard you’ve worked to balance the demands of life and your passion for writing. As authors, we understand how much of your own, sometimes limited resources you’ve sunk into your book. That’s why we’ve come up with the pay-what-you-can beta read.

A PWYC beta read comes with the same kind of professional commitment, guaranteed three-week delivery, detailed, constructive feedback and chapter-by-chapter breakdown that we offer all of our beta reading clients. You can trust in the quality of our reading, at a rate that works for you.

How PWYC Beta Reading Works:

Because we’ve got a full roster of clients, we have very limited space for PWYC beta reads. This program was implemented because we wanted a way to give back to the writing community, and offer a break to authors who need one. Think of it as us building up good will and good karma in the online writing community.

Because we have limited space for these beta reads, and because we want to make sure we pair you with a beta reader who connects with your writing, we need to see a sample of your manuscript.

Our standard reading rate is .001 per word. This means a 90,000 word manuscript would cost $90 to beta read. PWYC beta reads start at $25 and apply only to manuscripts with a word count of 95k and under.

How to Get Started:

Get familiar with our approach to beta reading by visiting this page. Then, complete the contact form below. Tell us a little about you, and why you’d like to qualify for a PWYC beta read. Copy and paste your elevator pitch (two or three sentences that give us the premise of your novel) and your first chapter into the space provided.

Don’t forget to include your bid! How much are our services worth to you?

We’ll respond within 24 hours to let you know whether or not your bid was accepted.